Inspiring HAZID-Workshop in Southampton

The workshop will screen the development, deployment, and operation of HyMethShip technology, and will identify dangers as compared to similar technology related claims and associated risks. This will be used to set the right course for the implementation of the project.

HAZID is an acronym for hazard identification related to hazards that originate from a technology or a company. Potential hazards can affect people, the environment and assets or property. In the Workshop we will check the design and operation of HyMethShip technologies and identify hazards and assess their associated risks qualitatively. This assessment will be based upon major accident events with similar technologies and the engineering judgement of the specifically selected HAZID team.


 10. December

13:00 Welcome and introduction
13:15 Introduction HAZID method
13:30 Presentation of the CSS system

11. December

09:15 Design and Operating Philosophy of Methanol Reforming09: 45 Methanol Reforming Danger13: 00 Methanol / CO2 Storage Design and Operating Philosophy13: 30 Methanol / CO2 Storage and Hazard

12. December

09:15 Conception and operation of hydrogen storage, transmission and injection systems including H2 engine09: 45 Hydrogen Systems HAZID12: 15 debriefing 13: 00 end