17th FAD-Conference – „The Challenge – Exhaust Aftertreatment“

The combustion engine will be assessed on its ability to achieve climate protection goals and emission limits.

There is a broad agreement on the requirements for future mobility concepts in the society. On the one hand they must be CO2-neutral and sustainable and, on the other hand, available and suitable for daily use. Ultimately, a mixture of drives according to the mobility needs with a more environmentally friendly energy basis will prevail. However, there is still need for discussion regarding the implementation of these requirements. FAD e.V., based in Dresden, Germany, is committed to support a development without limitation to specific technologies and a fair competition. With regard to the issues mentioned above the conference program of this year is accordingly themed and HyMethShip has been invited to present the project.

Event details:


Date: 6th to 7th of November

Location: Dresden