In Dresden, experts discussed on future mobility and HyMethShip raised extraordinary attention.

This conference took place from 6th to 7th of November 2019 and gathered 150 experts, mostly from the automotive industry.


“The combustion engine will be assessed on its ability to achieve climate protection goals and emission limits.” There was a broad agreement that emissions of diesel engines have to be reduced and that the automotive industry has to deliver solutions. Future mobility should be CO2-neutral and sustainable , but also available and suitable for daily use. So in this conference, broad emphasis lay on innovations in aftertreatment technologies and on the evaluation of bottlenecks of existing solutions.

In a long-term perspective, with ever tightening regulatory requirements and higher customer demands future mobility concepts are called for. HyMethShip has been invited and its concept received very positive attention. In specific it was acknowledged that HyMethShip systems do not need an aftertreatment of emissions and even solve the climate change issue due to largely eliminated carbon dioxide emissions.

The conference proceedings, 284 pages, partly in German, partly in English can be ordered from FAD e.V.,

Read a conference summary by Mr Majewski, editor of DIESELNET and also participating at the conference:
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