Aviso: Rostock Large Engine Symposium 2020

Large ship engines are in the focus of this conference


Over the course of two days, this conference addresses a full range of issues related to marine engines. Sessions are dedicated to engine development trends, decarbonizing large engines, new fuels, trends in fuel injection & turbocharging, dual fuel ignition and combustion, etc. All major European engine manufacturers will be represented among the participants, the exhibitors and the speakers.

The conference is a hybrid event, the presentations are held in front of a smaller audience to meet COVID-19 precautions. The majority of participants will join and take part online.

HyMethShip is presented by Nicole Wermuth (LEC) in the “Research in new fuels”-session. The title of her presentation is “Hydrogen- methanol and hydrogen-diesel dual fuel combustion systems”.

Event details:


3rd to 4th of September 2020

Rostock, Radisson Blu Hotel

Photos: © Holger Martens – http://www.holger-martens.com/